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We gather donations globally to make a meaningful impact in our locale, channeling resources to improve lives and create a positive change in people’s lives.

100% Donation policy

Save The Humanity is committed to a 100% donation policy. As a charity, it operates under the guidance of both the Charity Commission and scholars to ensure that funds are distributed according to Islamic and UK charity laws.

Administrative costs

Administrative costs for Save The Humanity are covered by trustees’ voluntary contribution and contributions specified for administration. The charity has a separate account for its administration fund to ensure that the 100% donations policy is maintained.

Tax reclaim

In addition, Save The Humanity benefits from tax reclaimed from donations that have been specified for this purpose through the UK government’s Gift Aid scheme. Through Gift Aid, UK taxpayers can increase the value of their donation by 25%, and this additional money is allocated to the charity’s administration fund.


Save The Humanity is committed to transparency and ensuring that all donations are used in a responsible and meaningful way to benefit those in need. The organization strives to maintain the highest standards of accountability and governance to ensure that donated funds are used in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

How your donation works

Save The Humanity is a UK-based charity that collects funds and distributes them where they are needed worldwide. The organization supports a range of local, national, and international projects, including providing hot food and support for the homeless in the UK, as well as emergency aid, clean water, food, clothes, and shelters in countries around the world that have been devastated by disasters.

Save The Humanity understands the importance of Amanah, which is the responsibility and accountability that comes with managing donated funds. The organization takes pride in being completely transparent and aims to provide feedback to donors from the moment they donate until the work they have donated towards has been completed.

If Save The Humanity collects insufficient funds to complete a charitable project for which you have donated, the trustees will use their discretion to move additional funds from general funds to complete the project. If the charitable need for which Save The Humanity has collected donations no longer exists or has been completed, the trustees will use their discretion to ascertain the intention of the donors, and any surplus funds will be allocated towards another appropriate, similar project.

Save The Humanity also collects and correctly applies donations by Islamic categories, such as Fidya, Kaffarah, Zakat, and Aqeeqah, which are restricted by Shariah criteria. In these cases, the trustees will select the country based on overall considerations.

Overall, Save The Humanity is committed to responsible and transparent fundraising practices, ensuring that donated funds are used for meaningful charitable projects that help those in need.

Our mission

Our mission is to uplift and support our community by providing essential resources, fostering connections, and promoting acts of kindness. We aim to inspire a culture of giving and collaboration that empowers individuals to thrive and contributes to the betterment of our society.


94 katherine drive, dunstable, bedfordshire, LU5 4N

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